bereavement doula
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No matter what trimester you give birth, miscarriage, stillborn, or fatal diagnoses
We will be there to support you and your family during this sorrowful time.

Our services include the following;

Birth Planning:
This is the last thing you would have planned for and it is nothing that you would have ever imagined. You still have a say in how you birth your baby. We will work together to create a plan that takes your needs and desires into account and make it completely personalized (scents, music, ceremony etc.) while holding a sacred space.

Labor & Birth:
Once you call at the onset of labor, I will join you at your birthing location whether it be at home, birth center, in a doctor's office, birthing suite, or operating room. I will offer continuous support during your labor and birth that may include, acupressure, relaxation techniques, emotional support and encouragement, explanations, positioning suggestions, coping techniques for stress and labor, and partner support. My time goes beyond any "shift" during labor and birth, typically I will stay until at least 2 hours after birth unless you request I leave sooner or stay longer.

Mementos, Keepsakes, & Ceremony:
During your birth plan we will discuss your options for mementos and keepsakes and I will be as hands on or as hands off as you'd like in creating those or just simply reminding you of what you had planned to have.

Phone, text, email support throughout our contracted time for any and all questions that may arise before or after birth.

Postpartum Visits:
At least two postpartum visits are included. During these visits I will listen to you tell your birth story, review your birth, answer any questions you may have, and most importantly suggest referrals as necessary. Support during memorial and or funeral arrangements are available if requested.

What happens next? Your body is healing and your family have all resumed their normal lives. Where does that leave you?

The end of your journey is not when your last doctor's appointment is over, or when you may decide to return to work. You will have good days and you’ll have bad days. Days will turn into weeks, then months, then years.  Having a bereavement / postpartum doula by your side during the first year means having someone who truly cares for you and your baby. Someone who understands that some days you just need someone to listen or talk to when your family and friends don't know what to say, so they stop talking about your experience all together.

Whatever you need, I am here for you. I see you, I hear you, and you are not alone.