Baby Registry vs Birth Registry

We live in a time that focuses on the baby after birth. Since they are the newest, youngest member of our tribe they are the most vulnerable and it is our job to protect, nurture, and teach them.

The primary care giver of the baby is typically the one who gave birth. The physiological change that happens during birth is sacred and we have forgotten to honor it. The baby is new, however so is the mother.

If we were to get back to basics and realize that all the new baby needs is a loving and functioning caregiver, we would realize that all the items that fill a typical Baby Registry is a lot of decor, and items that end up taking over the house and maybe used a handful of times…at best.

The funds that go into all the parties (gender reveals and baby showers) could be spent in ways that truly benefit the new family (wether this is the first or thirteenth child). I am not saying that this is not a time worthy of celebration, or gathering to support the new family - because is absolutely is! What I am saying is when the focus is on the decor and cupcake flavors and everyone wants to help plan a party, but no one shows up to help with dishes, laundry, and meal prep 3 weeks postpartum our priorities as a society need to be reevaluated.

Listed below items that are beyond beneficial for birth / postpartum to hopefully give some insight to what the new family could benefit most from!

  • Pregnancy / Postpartum Massage - This might seem as an item of indulgence but I can not stress enough how much this service is needed. Pregnancy and Postpartum massage can relieve pain and discomfort, reduce stress, increase relaxation, breathe better, and it can even aid in natural labor induction with acupressure. I personally recommend the services of Alisha Sexton of Graceful Tides for those local to the SRQ area.

  • Chiropractor - Wether in pregnancy or postpartum, the new mother’s body has gone through a HUGE change! The average amount of pregnancy weight adds 30 lbs+. When that weight is added it shifts the whole alignment of the body, and when the weight is removed it again causes a shift in posture, alignment etc. Having balance and alignment can make all the difference when doing even the most mundane activities.

  • Acupuncture - This treatment can help to enhance postpartum healing, encourage healthy milk supply, diminish aches & pains, and most importantly reduce stress to the new mom. I can not recommend SRQ Community Acupuncture enough for those that are local to the Sarasota area!

  • Childbirth Education Class - Depending on where they choose to give birth (hospital, birth center, or home) the establishment may have a childbirth education class available at no charge, which is great! A lot of classes have an agenda (some hospitals include in their classes “when to ask for the epidural”) and not necessarily a class that is tailored to the family. There are many options for childbirth education, HypnoBirthing®️, Birthing From Within, Bradley Method, Lamaze etc. and one of them might be exactly what the family needs for this birth.

  • Placenta Encapsulation - This is a gift that not every family may appreciate, so again if it interests you ask them if they’ve heard of it and what their feelings are. It is a fabulous for aiding with lactation, recovery, energy, easing life transitions, increasing postnatal iron levels, lessening postnatal bleeding, aiding postpartum depression, and helping to alleviate the discomforts of menstruation and menopause*.

  • Childbirth Doula - This is obviously a personal choice of the parents and if they choose to utilize the services of a CB Doula I do not recommend booking a doula on their behalf, unless they have expressed an interest in a specific doula. The benefits of a childbirth doula is worth their weight in gold, and allows both parents to be supported during this life changing event. A lot of Doula’s offer gift cards as well!

  • Meal Service / Train - Know your way around a kitchen? Find recipes that are great for postpartum and warm foods that focus on healing and arrange a meal train for the first few weeks with friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors for the new family.

  • Cleaning Service - The absolute LAST thing new parents should be worried about is the dishes in the sink and the toilets being cleaned. Hire a cleaning service for them to use at their leisure.

  • Dog Walker - Maybe the family had a fur baby first, and now their four legged pup is showing signs of being needy or high maintenance because they aren’t being walked as much a couple weeks into the baby’s arrival. A dog walker could a great gift!

  • Grocery Delivery - Depending on the season that the baby was born the idea of bundling up to face the bitter cold and making the trek to the grocery store can seem daunting! Gift a grocery delivery charge, and some additional funds for some groceries to make a meal that didn’t come from a drive-thru!

The majority of the last few items listed fall under the role of a Postpartum Doula.

America still unfortunately has the worst ratings when it comes to maternity / paternity leave. That being said, most partners are back at work within the first week - two weeks and using whatever vacation time / sick time they have accumulated and because of financial burdens, they need to return to work. Since many families are stretched across the country a lot of new parents do not have the benefit of being close to their mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. when the partner returns to work, so does the support for the new mom and baby. This means that they (mom and baby) are learning to navigate this sacred time all while in survival mode. A postpartum doula is a wonderful gift to have someone cook, clean, and run a few errands for the new family while the new mother focuses on healing, and nurturing her new baby.

We need to get back to what is most important for the newest addition to the tribe - Parents that have the support and care from others because, it truly does take a village!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Placenta encapsulation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.