Happy Birthday Evangeline

Two. It’s been two years since I went into labor and 21 hours later gave birth to our beautiful little girl, Evie.

A lot has happened in the past couple of years. We had a slow and miserable start to breastfeeding but somehow managed to make it 18M. She now has a more adventurous palate than I did at 20 and I love seeing her eager to try new things. That being said, don’t you think for one minute that she doesn’t pick the chocolate chips out of her waffles- she has to eat them first! She takes the best care of her baby dolls and it melts my heart seeing her nurture and love them.

At two I still see so much of my mom and Zach in her characteristics and mannerisms - it just makes me smile. I know the day will come that she starts to resemble a little more of me, and I’m ok with that. Her hair is so long and sandy brown, not like the jet black locks she was born with.

She has better manners than most adults but also has the attitude of a hormonal teenager. Her vocabulary continues to amaze me and I love being able to have two-sided conversations with her. Potty training has been an adventure and I’ll just say I’m beyond thankful for tile flooring!

She loves her beach and pool and would spend all day outside if she could (her tan lines can attest to that!), but is also down for cuddling on the sofa to watch Ariel or Mickey.

Some days I want to just break down and cry- sometimes out of being at my wits end on what to do next or I feel so horrible and undeserving of this precious being, others I beam with pride at who she is and the fact I played a part in that.

When I hug her I have to remind myself not to squish her too hard because I just can’t get close enough to her. She has changed everything about who I am (for better or worse).

These past 6 months has caused me to shift in ways I never expected and has pushed me in ways I’ve never imagined. That is another post for another day. What I will share though is that today is the first time I am sharing our birth video publicly. I’ll explain why in the days/weeks to come but until then, this is what we were doing two years ago.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Evangeline.