The Fruit Tree

For Christmas last year I was gifted a citrus tree and an avocado tree.

These were given to me two weeks before our miscarriage. Needless to say, they did not get the most amount of love and attention they should have or would have had my attention not been occupied elsewhere the first couple weeks.

I watered and tended to them throughout a couple of frosty weeks, and until they got too big for their initial pots, so I took a big step this spring and planted them in our backyard - fully committing that they are staying with the house should we decide to move within the next few years. Which is the main reason I didn’t garden or plant anything in our last home.

I dug the holes, I poured the sod, planted, and watered. Thankfully the Florida weather has been good to them as well so they have stayed a nice beautiful green.

They have stayed the same size, and color for two months. Until today...


Since the day I received these trees I have been on the road of pregnancy, miscarriage, realizing I’ve been experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety for over a year, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and subsequently told we need to stop trying to conceive at this point until my body is healthy again.

Needless to say, I have had days of being defeated, emotionally / physically exhausted, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, and I think it goes without saying filled with tears.

Today playing in the backyard with our toddler, I inspected the trees for the first time up close since I planted them and saw this beautiful sight.

To some, this might be just a piece of fruit finally growing on a tree. To me and I hope many others it is a tree that bears good fruit.

A tree that was given the time it needed to grow and heal and is now producing the fruit it was designed to beautifully.

As I watered them this afternoon I smiled and was reminded that I’m in my growing and healing phase. Soon it will be my turn to reap what I have sown and I will be blessed with life and life more abundantly.