Childbirth doula
starts at $750+
payment plans available

We provide emotional, and physical (non-medical) support for you and your family during labor and birth.
Adding a doula to your birth team has shown to reduce the request of pain-management medication, shorter labor times, less cesarean rates, and less use of artificial oxytocin.

For your convenience we offer full online booking, a password protected family portal for all your documents, payments, and so much more!

Services include the following;

Initial Consultation:
One hour complimentary initial consultation. Giving birth is an intimate event and meeting the right person to support you during this time is priceless. 

Prenatal Visits:
One - two prenatal visits will be scheduled throughout your pregnancy. This time is used to discuss birth preferences and desires, preparation of labor and birth, coping techniques, and general questions and concerns.

24/7 phone, text, email support throughout our contracted time for anything related to pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, or breastfeeding. I am considered "on call" two weeks before your estimated due date and up until your birth.

Labor & Birth:
I provide continuous support during your labor and birth that may include, acupressure, relaxation techniques, emotional support and encouragement, explanations, positioning suggestions, partner support and help with breastfeeding (if that is the preferred method of feeding). 

Postpartum Visits:
One postpartum visit will be scheduled the first week / two weeks postpartum. During your postpartum visit I listen to you tell your birth story, review your birth with extensive detail of events, help with breastfeeding if desired, make sure that you are adjusting well, answer any questions you may have, and most importantly suggest referrals as necessary.