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“do your best”

I came across a piece of paper with the tiny words “do your best”.

In that moment I started crying, and not because of pregnancy hormones. I cried because in all the books I read, in all the research I had done, of all the conversations I had up to that point all had a pointed tone of failure. If you do this you’re a bad mom, if you do that you’re a bad mom. There is was no winning.

At that moment with still a handful of pieces of paper left to go through I already knew this was the winning piece of paper. I asked who the paper belonged to. A sheepish little hand popped up. The tiny hand belonged to a little girl. When I saw it was her hand I was overwhelmed with emotion.

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“Mommy Juice”

 “I just need a break!” She yelled not at anyone in particular, but as a cry out of desperation. She grabbed the keys to the car and left the house while her husband bathed their almost two-year-old right after he got home from work. She headed for the liquor store. It had been a long week of potty training, tantrums, whining, & crying and she needed a drink.  

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Baby Registry vs Birth Registry

What I am saying is when the focus is on the decor and cupcake flavors and everyone wants to help plan a party, but no one shows up to help with dishes, laundry, and meal prep 3 weeks postpartum our priorities as a society need to be reevaluated.

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PAIL - Pregnancy and Infant Loss

 “Your hCG levels have dropped by half since your last beta test, and there was nothing on your ultrasound. I’m sorry but you’re no longer pregnant. Do you want to schedule a D&C now or call back?”

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My 27th year I fully embodied my name. Noble Strength. 

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Self Advocate Pt. 2

Informed concent is so incredibly important and you deserve to be knowledgeable before you’re in labor.

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Today would have been my estimated due date for our second baby... our baby "Olive".

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Evil vs. Good

“My God did not put me through this so I could help others.'“

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